HP shows us that it gets IT

| December 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

At HP Discover today, CEO Meg Whitman made an interesting presentation and delivered an impressive re-affirmation of HP fundamentals both in terms of business strategy and how they are seeking to reach out to their customers. The video is below:

The focus was clearly on the ‘New Style IT’ concept and how HP is not only focused on developing solutions to meet the demands of the next generation application services, but in doing everything they can to empower their customers to meet their business objectives.

‘Our customers are at the heart of this company.’

‘HP can help you manage your complexity like no one else can.’

‘Our strategy is to provide solutions for the New Style IT.’

‘We make IT. We backĀ IT and Service IT.’

Highlights for me were a focus She placed on the fundamentals, that is customer engagement and empowerment, meeting with customers, understanding their problems and driving innovation for product and service innovation. Very cool.

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