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HP delivers next generation virtualisation solutions

BARCELONA, Spain — HP today announced new HP ConvergedSystem and HP Converged Storage offerings that give enterprises the speed, agility and lower economics to build the next-generation data centers that will power tomorrow’s successful organizations.

Data centers are reaching an unsustainable point—in the next five years, the average enterprise will see data capacities grow more than 800 percent, according to Gartner.(1) Enterprises need to be able to manage this exponential growth in data while introducing new applications, such as big data and analytics, using delivery models such as virtualized infrastructure and the cloud. Yet, enterprise innovation is constrained by the complexities of outdated IT. Organizations must optimize and modernize to deliver a New Style of IT that accelerates revenue generation, drives innovation and reduces business risk, while at the same time reducing overall costs.

The highlights are truly impressive:

HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization helps clients easily scale computing resources to meet business needs with preconfigured, modular virtualization systems supporting 50 to 1,000 virtual machines at twice the performance, and at an entry price 25 percent lower than competitive offerings.(3)

  • HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Vertica speeds big data analytics, helping organizations turn data into actionable insights at 50 to 1,000 times faster performance and 70 percent lower cost per terabyte than legacy data warehouses.(4)
  • HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops, based on the award-winning HP Moonshot, delivers a superior desktop experience compared to traditional virtual desktop infrastructure. This first PC on a chip for the data center delivers six times faster graphics performance and 44 percent lower total cost of ownership.(5)

I called one of the CIO’s I know to ask him about the Hosted Desktop and solution for virtualisation in particular to ask what he thought:

“This is game changing…

Being able to buy a pre-architected virtual desktop solution or a virtualisation solution based on demand  is fantastic, do you know if they do it on a lease?

..It means I can stop messing about debating technologies, buy a stack and deliver…”

The ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktop is the next generation of their HP Moonshot offering, delivering fantastic results:

  • No compromise PC experience
  • Simple deployment, have it up and running in 2 hours without SAN using Citrix desktop
  • Aimed at atypical pc user workloads and targeted at medium to large enterprises
  • 180 users could be hosted on one Moonshot solution

The HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization looks again impressive, the highlights are:

  • ConvergedSystem 300 – 50 to 300 virtual machines which is two times faster to deploy, two times faster and has a 25% lower entry price point
  • ConvergedSystem 700 –  100 to 1000 virtual machines, three times more efficient and 28% lower total cost of ownership
  • Features an integrated end to end support stack offering – one team supports the solution end to end – how cool is that?
  • Features HP App Maps to aid in common applications deployment
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