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HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 top accessories

A brief summary of the top accessories that are available for the new HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8:

HP Part Number Description
701595-A21 Microsoft Windows  Server 2012 Standard ROK Eng/French/Italian/German/Spanish SW
701591-A21 Microsoft Windows Server 2012   Foundation ROK Eng/French/Italian/German/Spanish SW
652241-B21 HP 9.5MM SATA DVD-RW JackBlack Optical Drive

There are of course additional options for additional network connectivity and storage with their Smart Array P222.

For a NAS solution:

  • Free NAS from here –
  • Additional memory (I’d bring it up to say 8GB)
  • Additional storage capacity (with or without RAID depending on your requirements)

For ‘My First Windows Server’ for a SMB:

  • Upgrade the memory to 4GB or more memory
  • Consider an additional disk so you can separate the OS and data volumes
  • Think about a DVD drive to install software or even back up data to DVD should you want to
  • Some kind of backup solution (either their HP RDX500 device) or an online backup service

My first lab (for VMware ESX)

  • Upgrade to 16GB RAM
  • Add additional storage
  • Consider the ILO Advanced pack and additional network card (network load dependent)
  • Download everything you need here:



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