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HP MoonShot innovation continues to drive customer oppoortunity

HP announces  the HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridge for the HP Moonshot System. This server features the new Intel® Atom® C2000 processor, an eight-core system on a chip (SOC) with at 2.4GHz, and up to 32GB memory.

Now, in just one Moonshot System with ProLiant m300 Servers, it’s possible to have 360 cores, 1,440Gb memory and up to 45TB of storage. For select workloads, you can accomplish the same work using just 19% of the power of a traditional server!

I spoke with Paul Morgan from HP about the announcement, it was great to hear about HP’s MoonShot offering and see further innovation of the platform to meet customer needs and create opportunities to extend the possibilities of the platform.

The HP MoonShot platform is their next generation solution to meet the requirements of the internet scale application age, by offering an advanced solution based on servers built and optimised for specific workloads where a traditional server might be capable of performing the role but would be under utilised and not bring the same benefits in power and volume that the MoonShot architecture can.

That HP are planning therefore to release a high performance solution is brilliant, not only does it further extend the usage scenarios and economics for big data analysis, rich media content streaming for example, but it also brings more choice to MoonShot customers in selecting different configurations for different services and even customers.

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