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Dell delivers Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise edition

Dell Software today announced the release of FoglightTM for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition (formerly vFoglight Pro).  Building on the success of the Quest vFoglight™ Pro virtualization management solution, Dell has re-branded vFoglight to Foglight for Virtualization to better align the solution as a core component of the Foglight family, and has added performance monitoring support for VMware View to the product.

Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition offers virtualization server and system administrators the ability to manage both data center server virtualization, as well as desktop virtualization, with added capabilities to track virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) performance from the application level all the way to the server and storage hardware level, providing the greatest breadth and depth for virtualization management of any product available in the market today.

“Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition, shows Dell’s commitment to offering a solution that encompasses all aspects of virtual infrastructure performance monitoring and management, built on a platform that can scale as the infrastructure grows,” said Steve Rosenberg, general manager for Performance Monitoring, Dell. “This new release expands Foglight’s ability not only to monitor the additional infrastructure area of VDI, but also to correlate metrics from VDI with performance for applications, the virtual layer, the network, and underlying servers and storage.”

Having a unified tool for performance across the stack in the virtualization space is a powerful offering and builds upon Dell’s commitment to innovation of their software that covers not only individual components of the infrastructure but the application stack which includes the underlying storage and compute resources. I’m off to read up more, it does sound cool.

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