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VMware on multi-device era and hybrid cloud

NEW YORK, March 13, 2013 –At a Strategic Forum for Institutional Investors today, VMware (NYSE: VMW) CEO Pat Gelsinger outlined the company’s strategy, revealing more details about its plans to deliver the software-defined datacenter, expand its hybrid cloud offerings and empower the multi-device era.

“VMware’s vision is to empower people and organizations by radically simplifying IT through virtualization software,” said Gelsinger. “Our customers are looking to us to help them solve some of the toughest challenges in IT in simple and elegant ways thereby delivering new levels of efficiency, control and agility.  To do this, we will continue to introduce new innovations and offerings that will empower IT as a broker of services that drive speed of business and competitive advantage.”

VMware’s vision built around their three growth policies highlights commitment to delivering solutions that customers want and in innovating their software and services business. Hybrid cloud is a growing business as is bring your own device, being able to deliver end to end solutions or a portfolio of software and services to meet empower these solutions is a compelling model and opportunity.

What I’m looking forward twofold, what next generation technology solutions we can see resulting from this both to the SMB and the consumer space, with cloud based virtualization, with abstraction, can we switch from buying applications to renting them down the wire (Office 365), pay on use models for services and solutions (online backup) as well as my own mobile virtual desktop in the cloud where my apps, my digital live resides.

At the same time, how this transforms business is fascinating, do we need everyone in the office, do we need such a thing as an office, do I switch from becoming an ’employee’ or ‘team member’ to a delivery vehicle, a broker to deliver and perform whatever function it is that I am supposed too. Put another way with everything being available down the wire as a service, can I perform the same role just as effectively or more effectively working at home on my own terms and still not only perform or outperform how I worked before and at the same time reduce or organizational cost of doing business.

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