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Small business cloud survey and some cloud thoughts

We’re taking part with a partner in a small business cloud survey to see what people in the small business space think about cloud technology, it’s a brief survey and will take a few minutes, so if you have the time, do check it out and we’ll publish the results shortly:

I got asked my opinions about cloud in this space and found myself with mixed views:

  • Cloud is a tremendously powerful tool as a small/medium business cloud provides you with the opportunity to gain access to the same technologies, tools and services that the enterprise might have.
  • Cloud it could be argued allows you to focus on your core business and consume technology as a service – not be constrained worrying about the lead time to bring online new infrastructure for that new deal
  • Cloud might be the empowerment tool to create revenue opportunities – to onboard new clients by bringing online new infrastructure without deploying another data center
  • Cloud is the move towards ‘application down the wire’ or ‘applications and services on demand’

That said:

  • Not everything should be put in the cloud either for data security or legislative reasons
  • Not all cloud providers are the same when it comes to the services they offer and service level agreements that they can commit to fulfilling
  • There is that old age concept of influence both over concept, rules of engagement and ‘avoiding the front’ door or first line. The ability to phone someone and say fix it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Where do I see cloud in the enterprise?

  • It’s core strengths are undoubtedly in proof of concept, in development and disaster recovery secnarios the kind of thing where I might want on demand services for a business case.
  • There are equal justifications for internal and private cloud
  • Before we discuss cloud vs non cloud and everything else – can I have business requirements technical/non technical and the commercial drivers combined with revenue drivers, if it’s tier0/tier1 we’ll do it in house, everything else we can look at buying as a service.
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