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I’m in love with the HP ElitePad with Windows 8

I’ve just been past the HP ElitePad booth at #HPDiscover and have decided that I love it for a number of reasons:

  • Runs Windows 8 which is actually very cool – I’ve just installed it on my EliteBook
  • Features a range of expansion docks to add extra power amongst other things
  • You can dock the device in it’s expansion jacket
  • Designed for business and therefore scales from boardroom to engine room
  • Security to prevent data loss

The features are listed below:

I found the device to be smooth, and with the right applications and features, it could be a powerful platform for offering embedded solutions to meet specific business requirements, adapting the platform to meet each line of business or business application. I think though I would opt for the 64GB version with wifi, but then it depends what you’re doing with it, that’s approximately $699. It’s one of those devices that I could see scale from the board room to share information and for presentations, down to the warehouse where we need product data and analysis, using the inbuilt camera for scanning barcodes or QR codes.

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