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Cloud is top priority in APAC region says study

VMware today announced the findings of its 3rd annual VMware Cloud Index, a commissioned study conducted in 11 Asia Pacific countries by Forrester Consulting and ITR (in Japan).

The findings of the survey reveal a surge in cloud usage in India where half (50 percent) the respondents in the country state that they have already adopted cloud solutions or approaches—a 25 percent growth over last year. An additional 30 percent of respondents declared that they are currently planning to deploy cloud solutions within the next 18 months, highlighting the growing cloud opportunity in India. However, 40 percent of respondents state that there is internal resistance to change that is hindering the adoption of cloud, suggesting that faster cloud adoption is possible for Indian organizations if these hindrances can be overcome.

“The survey demonstrates the potential for cloud computing in the country and reflects a double digit rate of adoption,” said T. Srinivasan, MD, VMware India and SAARC. “With concerns around data privacy, integration and security limiting the adoption of cloud in India, we continue to work towards enabling organizations with knowledge and resources to raise adoption rates,” Srinivasan added.

The study also reveals that 54 percent of senior IT professionals surveyed in India consider cloud computing as a top business priority. There has also been an improvement in the understanding of cloud computing, with 72 percent of respondents claiming a good understanding, compared to 59 percent last year. The knowledge about cloud computing is higher at large organizations (10,000+ employees: 82 percent), compared to small organizations (<500 employees: 63 percent).

Check out this article talking about cloud computing in the APAC region, this article illustrates tha tmany senior IT professionals see it as a top business priority. It’s always interesting to know what others are thinking and what differences there are between the regions, is cloud a top driver for me? No agility and delivery are my prime drivers, if that means, cloud, virtualization or a traditional rack server then that’s fine, we need to be delivering solutions that are on budget, within timelines but providing scope for innovation and growth for future revenue opportunities. At the same time, we need the architects, the business identifying where they want to be headed so that we can align and share resources to maximize service at the lowest overall and marginal cost.

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