FindMyFirmware 2.0 is on it’s way

So we are almost there, FindMyFirmware has been re-written and improved, we’ve got a nice new interface and some work on the back end to make it easier to use. To the several thousand readers (and non-readers) who have downloaded it, thank you. I’m updating the feed file so it’s got all the data in it.

In the meantime  – check out my screenshot from my iPhone today!

As ever, usual rules of engagement apply.  I have not had any feedback from the vendors themselves regarding the app.  The data is my own.  The data is supplied on a best endeavour basis, meaning do check the individual vendor site and always have a backup before making any changes to your server.

Want added to our app? It’s free to get featured on the application – just email me and we’ll sort it out, I just need an XML feed file or spreadsheet and I will work out the rest.

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