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HP Networking built on scalable open standards

DUBLIN, Ireland, 18 July, 2012 – HP today announced that MICROS-Fidelio has selected a resilient networking solution based on HP FlexNetwork architecture to support its business-critical applications. As part of an HP Converged Infrastructure, the new network will enable MICROS-Fidelio to boost IT functionality and reliability whilst driving down costs.

MICROS-Fidelio provides integrated business applications to hospitality and retail industries in more than 130 countries across the globe. Hosting customers’ hardware on a centralised HP Converged Infrastructure forms an integral part of the organisation’s long-term IT strategy to provide solutions based on standardised technologies, optimised tools and automated processes.

“We have seen demand for our hosted services expand between 30 and 40 per cent annually,” says Karoly Laczi, technical director of hosted services, MICROS-Fidelio (Ireland) Ltd. “MICROS-Fidelio’s centralised system currently hosts hardware for over 3,000 hotels across Europe, and this figure will rise significantly as the business expands into emerging markets such as Eastern Europe. We selected HP Networking because it offers an easy-to-manage solution based on open standards that can be scaled to meet the growing demands on our IT infrastructure.”

Based on HP FlexNetwork architecture, the new HP network infrastructure will deliver the resiliency, capacity and scalability to support MICROS-Fidelio’s business-critical applications. To simplify administration and ease the workload on MICROS-Fidelio’s IT team, the entire network will be centrally controlled by HP Intelligent Management Centre (IMC) software which unifies the management of network resources, services and users.

It’s always great to see and hear how people are using the technology as well as understand the technical and business drivers for upgrading or implementing the technology. I saw this and it reminded me about the demo we saw of the HP Intelligent Management Centre (IMC) to manage network resources and access, which was illustrating how we could manage network connectivity and services through a single interface, very cool.

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