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Telecity deploys next generation data center

Ed Vaizey opens new TelecityGroup data centre expansion at Powergate
·         Communications Minister Ed Vaizey yesterday officially opened the new expansion at Powergate – TelecityGroup’s flagship London data centre.
·         The expansion will help boost the digital economy in London and across the UK, helping to attract international businesses and jobs to the city.
·         Powergate features many new technologies and designs that place the facility at the forefront of environmental efficiency and is designed to operate with a PUE of under 1.35 – an efficiency rating used in the data centre industry to measure overall facility power utilisation efficiency.
·         The facility provides a total of approximately 15,000 ²m of data centre space and 29 megawatts of customer power, making it one of the largest data centres in the UK.

It’s always interesting to read about new data centers being built out or announced, that it is designed to operate with a PUE of under 1.35 which illustrates their commitment to energy efficiency and lower cost of ownership, it will be interesting to see which companies are interested in signing up, I’ve heard rumors about a few companies looking at alternative data center location strategies in the London area, but outside of zone 1  (The City of London) or Canary Wharf locations.

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