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What to take away from HP Discover 2012 – Las Vegas

So what then do we take away from HP Discover 2012, Las Vegas.

  • Meg Whitman discussed HP’s resolve to deliver to their customers through innovation, through open standards and making what we do matter. It’s great to hear HP placing focus on their customers.
  • HP StoreOnce and their Data Protector brings some transformational functionality to back and restore platforms illustrating the opportunities and possibilities when we can achieve more with less in the data backup and de-duplication space.
  • HP Proliant Gen8 servers continue to build upon the heritage Proliant platforms bringing even more mission critical functionality and reliability with the best of HP and AMD processor technology for an industry leading x86 offering.
  • Big Data is set to be a topic of conversation over the next few years – how we manage data within the enterprise, what needs to actually be online, how do we not only de-duplicate data but make applications more data efficient where possible, and empower more effective contextual analysis and search of our data to provide more effective decision making and customer interaction.
  • Cloud is real, it’s here to stay and is increasingly becoming the norm for many customers including as we discovered at HP Discover, DreamWorks, the key then is to establish how you can leverage cloud to deliver for your business, on agility, on price, on performance and on availability.
  • Autonomy looks like it might result in a range of opportunities for HP and its customers in data analysis, social interaction and as a platform to utilize the new capacity in infrastructure, mobile devices and rich media to transform and link old media or traditional media with next generation rich media.
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