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Hardcore Computer is ready for High Frequency Trading

Rochester, MN (April 10, 2012) Hardcore Computer, Inc., (, the industry’s most innovative computer design and manufacturing company, has launched a white paper titled “High Frequency Trading Beats the Heat with Total Liquid Submersion Cooling”. Hardcore Computer’s Liquid Submerged Servers (LSS™) provide unmatched performance gains that enable over-clock CPUs to run faster, cooler and longer for traders requiring the ability to analyze time-sensitive incoming market data and implement split-second proprietary trading strategies.

As reported by The New York Times, high frequency traders (HFT) now account for approximately 60 percent of the seven billion shares that change hands daily on United States stock markets. Wall Street banks, hedge funds and independent firms are capitalizing on technologies able to reduce latency between bid/offer and placement to zero. These unique demands are what compelled Hardcore Computer to offer high-powered computing solutions to the HFT community.

Hardcore Computer’s LSS is the world’s first rack-mounted total liquid submerged server. The system’s patented liquid submersion cooling technology is favored by the HFT industry because of its improvements in speed, performance, reliability and latency, while reducing environmental impact.

I was wondering what news there was from the team at Hardcore Computer and came across this article talking about their offering and how it can deliver benefits to teams running high frequency trading applications in terms of reducing latency through their special liquid cooling technology, very cool, I’m off to download the whitepaper, the article mentions some impressive figures of what just a few milliseconds latency can mean to your profitability.

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