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Windows Server 8 to get a new file system,14501.html

ReFS, short for Resilient File System, will initially debut with Windows 8 Server, but is expected to make its way through to Windows 8 client system to support the full feature set of Storage Spaces, which will allow users to create storage pools from multiple physical and virtual storage devices.

According to Microsoft, ReFS will be an always-online file system “for the next decade or more” that is architected for “extreme scale” with large volume, file and directory sizes, as well as data verification and auto-correction via checksums while maintaining compatibility with a “wide subset of widely adopted” NTFS features.

Interesting, there were meant to be improvements to the file system in Windows many years ago with Vista if I recall, I wonder what ReFS will bring, I’m off to read up more about it, do check it out.

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