Hardcore Computers issued three patents for its liquid cooling systems

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Rochester, MN (May 31, 2011) – Chad Attlesey, president, CTO and founder of Hardcore Computer, Inc. (www.hardwarecomputer.com), announced today that that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued three patents in his name for a total of six in the United States and one in Japan to date.

No. 7905106

“Case And Rack System For Liquid Submersion Cooling of Electronic Devices Connected In An Array”

No. 7911782

“Liquid Submersion Cooling System”

No. 7911793

“Case And Rack System For Liquid Submersion Cooling of Electronic Devices Connected In An Array”

With Attlesey’s patents, Hardcore Computer continues to be the dominant leader and pioneer in liquid submersion cooling for computers. The company submerges all of the heat-producing components of its computing systems, which allows these systems to more effectively and efficiently remove heat. Heat is the greatest barrier of performance and reliability in electronics. Because Hardcore’s Core Coolant® is 1350 times better than air by volume at heat removal, liquid submersion technology has significantly better thermal management than air cooling resulting in optimal performance and improved reliability.

As we see more vendors adopt technologies to reduce both their operating costs and improve their systems efficiency, we see further investment in technologies such as liquid cooling and protection via patents, it’s great to read more about Hardcore Computers’ innovations, I remain a fan of their platform, and see what further innovations we will in the near future from Hardcore in liquid cooling, as well as those in the marketplace.

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