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HP Strategic IT Advisory Services

HP today announced HP Strategic IT Advisory Services designed to help chief information officers (CIOs) use IT as a key driver of innovation, growth and profitability.

HP Strategic IT Advisory Services help CIOs:

  • Build an IT strategy: Clients collaborating with HP gain greater insight to develop an IT strategy that aligns with business goals to meet the changing demands of their customers and citizens.
  • Innovate business services: Clients create technology-empowered business services, using techniques such as a hybrid delivery strategy and business benefits analysis, which are specifically tailored to meet and respond to the needs of the clients’ organizations. This includes insight on how cloud computing, enterprise architecture or service management contributes to the success of their enterprise strategies.

The success of CIOs is increasingly being evaluated against enterprise objectives.

Analyst firm Gartner Inc. indicates that most external assessments of enterprise value and viability will include explicit analysis of IT assets and capabilities. In addition, new revenue generated each year by IT will determine the annual compensation for most new Global 2000 CIOs.(1)

“Our research shows that by 2016, innovation accomplishments will be among the top three selection criteria for new CIOs,” said Ken McGee, vice president and fellow, Gartner. “This trend is indicative of the extent to which IT will be so closely aligned with enterprise goals that it is the key driver in growth and profitability. To get to this future state, IT must move from supporting to empowering the enterprise.”

Interesting announcement from HP, anything the vendors can do to offer advice, past experience in upgrading or deploying new technologies or in suggesting best practices has to be a good thing. That they might illustrate the pain points and empower customers to realize the potential from their investment and deliver change and innovation can only be a good thing for IT and the end user community.

I wonder if this consultancy will also include supplying both the expertise and the training?

Can I have HP come in on several levels to help identify issues both technical, operational and political? Why does it take four weeks to deploy a server? It can be as much an issue with relation to sign off practices, vendor or supplier relationships as well as the project manager not necessarily using the process properly to get the activity done.

The example I use in this case was the consultancy that I met, when they got approached by a CIO complaining of poor delivery from IT, they sent in:

  • Help desk manager
  • Server guy
  • Project Manager/Consultant

Each had to identify core issues within their realm for delivery failures, or issues identified, the results were impressive as we got to see the three tier issue, three viewpoints, crossing communication, investment and focus on the wrong things from each perspective.

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