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HP Labs to aid in research of next generation data centers

HP today announced the opening of a state-of-the-art research facility in Fort Collins, Colo., in which the company will advance sustainable data center technologies.

The new facility will expand on HP’s Converged Infrastructure architecture by developing technologies to eliminate IT sprawl, increase energy efficiency and reduce power consumption to help clients minimize their carbon footprint and reinvest cost savings into business innovation.

Built in collaboration with HP Labs, the company’s central research facility, the 50,000 square-foot site will enable HP to explore new strategies for reducing the environmental impact of next-generation data centers. At completion, the site will use technologies to help customers minimize power for the cooling of their data centers, while increasing their capacity with less equipment.

An interesting read about HP’s new research facility in the data center space, anything that HP Labs can do to establish best practices, optimum configurations or new ways of doing things both to reduce costs, extend capacity or reduce environmental impact has to be a good thing. Let us all appreciate the more research, the more discussion there is in this space, the more we can find the right range of solutions for me and my business.

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