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ILO power commands – a few questions

I got asked to explain the differences between the different options in the ILO.  The ILO is the Integrated Lights Out or remote access card which allows you to manage the server independently of the operating system, IBM have their Remote Supervisor Adapter series of cards, and Dell have their DRAC offering. For more information on ILO, click here (our content) or the HP site on ILO here.

Anyway, there are different options (off the top of my head):

  • Momentary press – like pressing the power button on your server should cause Windows to shut down the operating system
  • Press and hold – like holding the power button will instantly power cycle the server
  • Cold Boot of system – powers the server off by holding the button for a few seconds and then switches the server on
  • Reset system – resets the system independent of the operating system
  • There is also an option for the BL range of blades:
  • Manual override for BL p-Class blades – I only ever used this if there was a problem where the blade would not power on because the enclosure believes there is a power problem.

The actual user guide for the ILO version one is here, it goes into more detail starting page 82.

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