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The highlights of Bladewatch @ HP Bloggers Event 2011

I was thinking over the last few days about the HP Bloggers Event which I attended in Dallas and Houston Texas, it was great fun and a great way to learn more about what HP are working on, it also refreshed a few concepts on the platforms which is always useful to do. Anyway the highlights for me were:

  • Seeing HP’s Converged Infrastructure in action and understanding how it had not only transformed the IT operations but also created revenue generation and business empowerment – seeing how it all fitted together to deliver a solution for the customer.
  • Understanding and seeing the developments of HP’s Smart Grid, participating in the live demo and seeing it work in front of me – it looks like a very interesting solution and something which is easy to see the return on investment.
  • Walking around the HP Performance Optimized Data Centers, and speaking to their team working on the project and asking them about the technology, how the PODs are deployed and go over some scenarios that I had written about.
  • Sitting beside and learning about the new HP Proliant SL series which is their scale out rack based solution, I had read about them, talked with colleagues and even posted about them, it was great to see one and hear more about them from Daniel Bowers.
  • Seeing and tinkering with their HP Proliant MicroServer, something I have actually been thinking of buying to strip down, play with and blog about – I love the concept, the more we can create opportunity and welcome users to the server platform, the more accessible we create the platform and create opportunities for revenue and user empowerment alike.
  • Participating in a conversation about cloud and what it means, understand other views – it remains a concept that means different things to different people – something in my view that we need to embrace and work in a way that works for our business if it’s appropriate for where we are in the business and IT space.
  • Learning about ILO3 – I was actually very pleased they went through this as I have yet to play with ILO3 and it was great seeing it.

So what are we working on at Bladewatch these days? Well we have a lot of content to write up, so we will be doing that, we’re working on adapting our application for the iPad, more news/analysis and business as usual so to speak.  Oh one last thing, the Bladewatch server bundle, (we talked about it a few weeks ago), it’s complete and I’ll be uploading it at the end of the week.

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