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Moving on to newer servers can save you money

The hypervisor

Organizations with many servers are increasingly interested to know just how much energy they could save by upgrading to new hardware, but it is often difficult to find solid data about this kind of energy consumption. Now, detailed tests in the Hypervisor Labs have quantified the potential savings.

Our test results show servers fitted with new energy efficient CPUs consume about half the electricity when they are idle compared to older counterparts.

Also, new servers run software more quickly, so they spend less time running at full speed compared to older kit. Our test results show running at full speed consumes about double the power of being idle, so it’s best avoided.

Finally, the above energy savings mean newer servers produce less heat, which in turn means air conditioning equipment needs to do less work to keep datacenters cool.

It’s always great to see what is being discussed in the hypervisor/virtualization space, particularly in terms of energy efficiency, I know the different vendors have been quoting significant and impressive figures on energy efficiency when comparing the new Intel Nehalem processor against previous generation systems an interesting read, do check it out.

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