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Lights out on servers – what you need to know

Mike was asking me to define the different names used for the different vendors lights out cards, this was written on my blackberry on the train home, so if I make any errors relating to the vendors I do apologise.

  • Dell – DRAC – Dell Remote Access Card
  • HP – ILO or now ILO2
  • IBM- Remote Supervisor Adaptor (RSA) or RSA II
  • Rackable – Roamer Remote Management Card
  • Sun – Sun Integratedl Lights Out Manager (ILOM)

Hope I haven’t missed anything, if I’ve made any errors, do contact me.

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2 Responses to “Lights out on servers – what you need to know”

  1. Will says:

    IBM's BladeCenter products have Management Module/Advanced Management Module devices that perform the same function.

  2. osakana says:

    I think
    DRAC meening…
    function: Dell Remote Access Controller
    physical card name: Dell Remote Access Card

    HP Integrated Lights-Out
    Sun Integrated Lights-Out Manager

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