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The Green Grid continues to innovate

Inside HPC

Last week The Green Grid announced that it is  launching new methods (PDF) for measuring and reporting energy efficiency and data center productivity. Also of interest are potential measurements of useful work in data centers, the “Proxies for Estimating Data Center Productivity,” which are being discussed by the organization (public comment welcome.

It’s always interesting to hear what other people or organizations are doing to aid in data center management, design or best practice. The more we are able to view the data center to analyze and manage it as the IT, to be taking decisions, the way we provision and support our IT at the data center level, the more we can re-allocate resources where they are needed, be more efficient with the IT. That Hong Kong have a web farm of DL380’s, can we not host their sites, their workload on our shared infrastructure web servers, on our VMware farm? Increasingly it’s not who owns the servers, it’s that it works in the most effective and energy/financially efficient way within your operating constraints.

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