What’s my ILO IP address?

I got an email from Charlie:

“Hi Martin,

I’ve got a question. How do I tell the ip address that is assigned to my ILO card on our DL380 G3, without rebooting it?  I couldn’t find it…”

Great question, there are a few ways on the HP servers, the first is:

  1. HPONCFG – one of my favorite HP utilities, download it from the HP site, and basically run the HPONCFG with the right switch to write a text file with the complete ILO configuration.
  2. Use the web interface – if you’ve installed the HP driver pack, in windows, click start, run http://servername:2301, at this point you will need to log in, dependent on the version of agents it’s either a specific username and password or an account that is an administrator on the server itself. From the web interface you can see the server health and browse the configuration/status of the individual components.
  3. Reboot the server and press the F8 key when the server is booting and displays the HP integrated Lights Out text.

Hope that helps, if you have any problems, do email me.


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