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Using grid as an enabler to your business


WAYNE, Pa., Jan. 21 /PRNewswire/ — SunGard has added more than 500 cores to a grid computing cluster setup to host SunGard’s iWorks Prophet actuarial solution, the enterprise risk management application in the iWorks solution suite. The grid uses Sun Microsystems’ Sun Blade X6250 server modules, Intel’s Quad-Core Xeon processors and software from Microsoft to achieve high-performance computing capacity that facilitates the development, execution and support of actuarial models. The use of network-distributed parallel processing clusters, which can be integrated into any Microsoft-based platform, will help improve processing times for real-time risk management. SunGard plans to expand this environment to accommodate a services offering, whereby users may lease cores when needed.

An article talking about how this organization is using grid computing as part of it’s risk management solution. I wonder if we wont see grid becoming more mainstream not just in terms of ‘application virtualization’, deploying your workload to a grid, as well as the virtualization style grid, where I have a virtual cloud which powers my virtual machines, where I can online or offline capacity as the business or end users require it.

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