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How do you consolidate/virtualize

Data Center Moving

Data center moves are often triggered when your facility has run out of space, power, or cooling. With the proliferation of virtualization, you may view the data center move as a catalyst for moving forward the virtualization agenda. In fact, many information technology projects often appear out of nowhere to hitch their ride to the data center move.

The common mistake made in a data center move is the failure to consider the impact that virtualization will have on the success of the data center move. This is particularly true when the same resources are used for both projects.

To include virtualization before your data center move, you’ll need to adopt a different approach to the typcial go-slow methodology that can take 18 to 24 months to realize any benefits.

The approach you use for your data center consolidation or virtualization project is going to depend on your business and openness to risk.

There can be many approaches, one that I was speaking with involved virtualizing the servers in your data center and then consolidating data centers, that way you were moving virtual machines, configuring new networks, using a common platform blades or rack servers. To do this requires an audit of the various systems, with a knowledge of their performance requirements as well as the feeds in and out of the system. An interesting read, do check it out.

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