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The discussion continues – who’s got the best blades

“Dare to Compare” blade offerings Part 2 – the follow on to IBM’s published competitive analysis of its BladeCenter offerings versus blade products from HP, Dell, and Sun. We’d like to again make things clearer for another claim where IBM is wrong about Sun Blades. We will share a few more of these IBM ‘misrepresented truths’ over the next few days … so stay tuned.

The energy efficiency, the discussions on who has the better blade is set to continue, particularly as more vendors want a share of the market. Just remember the following, the more the vendors innovate and compete, the more choice there is in the market, the more chance there is that I’ll find the right solution for me and my business.

With that in mind, examine the different alternatives, see which blade solution meets your needs and go from there, everything else is just noise.

Some of the most interesting analysis has been when vendors have discussed each others products (the HP vs IBM, and IBM’s response come to mind)- because those documents, those press releases or reports, often contained some of the things, the buzz words or issues that I hadn’t considered, as well as explaining some of the concepts surrounding the analysis and the platform.

At the same time, a more open approach, in which I could more easily compare the basics would be welcome. We’ll have to see, an interesting read to check it out.

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