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Virtualization frequently asked questions – a podcast,296293,sid99_gci1301303,00.html

Check out Martin MacLeod’s advice on questions that service providers should ask their customers before starting a blade server virtualization project, as well as his answers to service providers’ own frequently asked questions about virtualization on blade servers. Understand which questions to ask customers to assess their needs and learn best practices for launching an effective blade server virtualization project. Martin’s answers are also available as a podcast to download and take with you to a customer site.

I had my first podcast the other day with the guys at, they’re very nice guys and I enjoyed the experience. Anyway, here’s me being interviewed about virtualization, answering some frequently asked questions. If you have any questions or comments about my answers, do get in touch.

Some tips relating to virtualization projects. Consider what it is you want to achieve, what are the technical/facilities type constraints you face. What kind of ratio are you expecting and what is ‘the marginal cost’, virtualizing 700 DL380s to 70 or 140 blades is great, but think about the power and space you will achieve from doing so.

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