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Open Solaris to get clustering support

SANTA CLARA, Calif. June 27, 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc., (NASDAQ: SUNW), announced it will release the Solaris Cluster source code through the HA (High Availability) Clusters community on the OpenSolaris site. Sun is releasing the Open High Availability Cluster in response to interest and feedback from the OpenSolaris community. For the first time, developers will be able to participate in the evolution of the software itself, as well as leverage the open source cluster technology to develop and support highly available application services.

“Sun is releasing this code to the community to accelerate innovation around clustered solutions, in a world moving quickly to scale-out architectures. When applied to Solaris or other technologies, the Solaris clustering code is a great base to support clustered and HA systems innovation throughout the community,” said Rich Green, executive vice president, Software, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “The Open HA Cluster code allows open source developers to use the same Solaris HA infrastructure that powers enterprises’ most mission critical applications with their open source and network facing applications and services.”

Sun’s first contributions are application modules, or agents, which enable open source or commercially available applications to become highly available in a cluster environment.

Very cool, this brings extra functionality to the Sun Open Solaris operating system which has to be a good thing for the customer, it will be interesting to see how it evolves as a technology as well as from a features standpoint once it becomes part of the open source – might new features/enhancements be added that customers need?

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