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What’s the equivalent of ILO in an IBM server?

Got an email asking about what the equivalent is in the IBM server for the RIB/ILO card in HP.

I have to confess not having played much with the IBM servers ILO, but as I understand it, you have a IBM Remote Supervisor Adaptor which provides the same functionality:

  • Around-the-clock remote access and system management of your server.
  • Remote management independent of the status of the managed server.
  • Remote control of hardware and operating systems.
  • Web-based management with standard Web browsers. – contains the pdf for the card.

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2 Responses to “What’s the equivalent of ILO in an IBM server?”

  1. Pugalenthi says:

    RSA II in IBM Equvalent to HP ILO.In Dell DRAC

  2. Dave Colvin says:

    From WIKI:

    Remote supervisor adapter (RSA) is the out-of-band management interface card optional on most IBM x86-based server machines sold under the IBM System x brand.
    An IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter II installed in an eServer 326
    An IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter II

    Similar in functionality to HP iLO, Dell DRAC, Sun SSP, Real Weasel, or Cisco CIMC.

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