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IBM to focus on energy efficiency

IBM is investing a billion dollars a year in an initiative to double energy efficiency, first in its own datacentres, then in those of its customers.

Around half of computer hardware running costs are down to energy and that’s expected to rise to around 70 percent by 2011 unless checked. In datacentres, the power goes to servers, network gear, spinning disk drives and operating tape automation devices. Yet more power is needed to cool this equipment and prevent it overheating. The development and use of blade servers is exacerbating the server energy consumption and cooling problem. The continuing rise in unstructured data, and of disk-based virtual tape libraries, both increase storage energy and cooling needs.

Very cool, anything IBM can do to aid with the challenges in the data center space, whether through energy efficiency or better infrastructure configuration and design has to be a good thing, and interesting article, check it out.

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