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Sun’s grid online

Three years into its grand supercomputer rental experiment, Sun Microsystems has found that developers, developers, developers have more interest in the program than big spending businesses.

Sun indicated as much two weeks ago by announcing so-called “click and run” support for its service. Customers can select applications such as BLAST, FreeMAT and Impact and fire up the software across a desired number of Sun hosted processors. Ideally, this provides developers with a cost-effective way of testing their code across a large number of machines at a low cost.

Sun first talked up this grid computing service back in late 2004, touting it as the answer for large companies in need of extra horsepower. Got some oil exploration problems that just won’t fit on your in-house servers? No problem. Fork over $1 per CPU per hour and crank away on Sun’s hardware.

I think it’s a good thing, Sun are removing some of the challenges with grid, the initial start up costs, and making it easier, revenue?  Well I suspect that it’s a good way of gaining exposure, proving the platform, the Sun infrastructure for grid and everything else, the cost isn’t really that high, I pay more for my mobile phone for a 1hr phone call. Let’s recognize they’re offering an alternative, it might not be everyone’s choice, regardless it’s there, fantastic.

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