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Grid computing in the home?

Right, so about 2 weeks ago i posted about a peice of software called Alchemi. Its a .NET based grid computing framework. I have had some ideas on what i want to use this for, and have decided to post them here for reference.

Firstly, how is grid compting usefull. Well, take my bedroom as an example. I have 4 running machines at the moment (a dual proc 32 bit athlon, a dual proc 64 bit opteron, a single proc, but hyperthreaded Xeon, and a dual proc, dual core Xeon). if i add the laptop to the mix, thats a 64 bit Turion. adding the rest of the machines around the house would include a 64bit athlon and a dual core 64 bit Pentium D. now thats a lot of horse power. but i cant use it all together without the help of grid computing.

What grid computing does is splits the workload up so that little peices of the task can be done by different machines. Something along the lines of Seti at home but on a slightly smaller scale. So, how would the average person, or in my case, the not so average person, use a technology like this. Well, I dont know. Im still in the planning phase, but i have some theories…

An interesting comment, I’d love to see how grid could be used in the home, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the long term, something like this becomes available, the media center pc is the start of moving processing around the home, in the olden days it used to be one pc, now the concept of a home server with maybe even terminals is on its way?

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  1. yea, i never though of media center stuff. i will update the post with my ideas on this! thanks for the idea! 🙂


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